Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Aria's Ruffled Curtains

I have lots of excuses for not posting, but all of them are lame, so let's just move on! I have a help me find it post on the agenda for today, and I hope my awesome questioner isn't too upset with me for taking so long to get to it!

I want to say real quick that my blog is not in any way, shape, or form, a Pretty Little Liars fan blog, despite the fact that I've posted so much about the show recently! But I do love the show, so I wasn't upset at all when I got a question from Rachel, who wanted my help in locating the gorgeous curtains from the set of Aria's bedroom. I'll come clean and admit that this one feels kind of like a cheat to me, since already knew exactly where to find these curtains, and have been coveting them for my daughter's bedroom for months now.

These gorgeous gray ruffle curtains can be found at Urban Outfitters, and they're available in an array of colors too.

The price seems a little steep at $80 per curtain, but my sister just recently found the teal ones on sale on the website for 50% off! I'm crossing my fingers that the other colors will eventually follow suit, so I can finally get the pink ones for myself!
Thanks again to Rachel for submitting her question. If you have a dilemma of your own and you'd like my help, please email me at candacerose(at)gmx(dot)com with a picture and description of what you're looking for and I'll get right on it for you! I'm also hoping to get some great home shots out of ya'll, so don't be shy!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Design, Fashion, and Writing--All in ONE Post, Oh my!

One of my favorite shows right now is Pretty Little Liars, on ABC Family, of all places. Really, I can't help it.

For some reason that was a little embarrassing to admit. My husband watches the show with me too, and he's just as hooked. Ok, I feel better now that I've called him out. Way more embarrassing for him.

Last night was the season opener, and I was reminded all over again why I like it so much. For those of you who don't know, the show is actually based on the series by Sara Shepard, which I started reading, but then stopped because I didn't want them to ruin the show for me. This is the first time in history where I actually liked the screen adaptation way better than the literary version.

I had some issues with the books, mostly one big issue, and I decided I'd rather stick with the show. It's sad how ONE FATAL FLAW can ruin a whole series. It was so avoidable too! Maybe I'll get more into it in another post.

Anyway, as intriguing as the storyline is for me, half the reason I watch is because of the amazing set design. Seriously, the designer is a genius. The colors, the balance, the styling. Seriously, brilliant. Here are some of my favorite shots, sorry the quality isn't great on some of them!

Aria's bedroom:

I love how it's so stylish, but a little cluttered, just like the character. They did a great job of making the homes and personal spaces reflect the family/character. Love the way they styled the books too.

Spencer's bedroom:

 Really, the wallpaper MAKES the room. And yes, those are curtains around the bed--I've always dreamed about curtains around my bed.

(P.S. After a little digging, I found out that Spencer's wallpaper is by Nina Campbell, a U.K. based designer. The pattern is called Lomasi, from the Giverny collection.
And it comes in black! I might be forced to buy some for my little half bath/powder room. Sigh...)

 Hanna's kitchen:
Hanna's house is my favorite. It's contemporary, but still warm and inviting. I love, love, love the tile back splash in the kitchen. The staircase in the entryway is to die for, but I couldn't find any good shots! I'll keep looking.

Emily's bedroom:

This is probably my least favorite space in the house--too little-girlish for me(but fits the character arc great). But look at that window seat! I especially love the drum chandelier and that little green chair...

Really, you need to watch the show yourself to fully understand how amazing the interiors are. And don't get me started on the fashion, this post is already too long!

Ok, maybe just one shot:

Love that gray and black tee-shirt dress with the red scarf and patent leather belt! I'm already plotting to make one for fall. And who knew that a therapists' office could be so stylish?

Ok, you can admit it here--do you watch the show? Or a different slightly embarrassing guilty pleasure show? What about shows that aren't that great, but you watch them anyway for the design eye candy? Feel free to link to some pictures if you want, I'd love to see!