Wednesday, January 28, 2015

That's What She said: One Week Room Makeover

I'm a big fan of the design quickie--bang out a room in a short period of time and then sit back and enjoy the results(see post title for punch line).

My house is the very definition of builder-standard, and after almost 5 years here with very little progress made, I'm getting antsy. I tend to go on binges every few months where I churn out a bunch of small projects all at once. This time, I decided to get a whole room makeover done in one week instead of doing a bunch of random things all over the house like I usually do. Hopefully it will give my creative juices the jump start they need to really get flowing enough to motivate me to keep going and eventually finish the whole dang house.

I decided to start in the most natural place that anyone would think to start when redoing their entire house: the entryway, a.k.a. the beige pit of endless boredom.

It's time for a picture:

So. Very. Blah.

So here's how it's going to work: every day this week, I'm going to do a project. And then I'll tell you all about it. Sounds great, right? 

Spoiler alert: the first improvement shall be a new front door. My reasons are threefold: first, I hate my front door. Everyone in the neighborhood has the same front door. It's the cheapest, most boring door that anyone can buy anywhere. Second: replacing the front door will simultaneously improve both the interior of my home, and the exterior curb appeal type situation we have going on outside. Third: I've already picked out and purchased said front door, so it just makes good sense to install it right away. 

So take a good look, tomorrow everything changes!

...and...hopefully someone, somewhere will actually read this. Maybe it will be you. Please let it be you!

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