Monday, February 2, 2015

Entry progress!

Well we are getting there! I decided to combine a couple projects in today's post.

 We installed our new front door, and it looks awesome:

The picture is not the greatest, I had to take it at night, there is too much light coming through the windows! Which is amazing, because it was super dark before. Also, please ignore the scratched up window film, my two year old loves to stand at that window and wait for his dad to come home. And while he's waiting, he also likes to take coins and scratch at the paint…

I was able to find the door through our local classifieds. It's brand-new, with a couple of "defects", which were basically barely visible light scratches that you can only see if you put your face right  to them and squint. It fit perfectly, which was a huge relief. My husband did most of the work hanging it, but I stood around and watched and occasionally held it in place while he screwed in the hinges. I'm definitely the one who is into the DIY projects, but I'm always grateful for his help, which I get whenever I ask, because he's awesome. Total cost for this project: $200.

The second project for today's post, is my board and batten wall, and I'm obsessed. I'm not going to post a tutorial here, because I'm really tired. And there are so many good ones out there already. This is my first time doing any sort of woodworking project and I'm proud to say I did it 100% by myself! 

I started out with some primed 3" Mdf boards and nailed them horizontally. I might have enlisted the help of my 10 and 8 year olds for this part. I just had them hold the lower boards in place while I nailed them in place with my handy finishing nail gun and air compressor. Mine was only $100 or so, and I highly recommend getting one if you plan to do a lot of trim work. We are in the middle of finishing our basement, so we will get a ton of use out of ours.

I did have to do the upper boards myself, which was a little scary at times, but I made it work. It's not fun if there isn't a little danger involved, right?

Next came the vertical pieces. These were much easier to maneuver, but cutting the angles almost killed me. Ignore the hideous boob light please.

A little caulk and paint...

Sorry for the terrible pictures, these were all taken with my phone and I honestly wasn't thinking about the fact that I these would end up on the blog. Better pictures next post, I promise! 

Total cost for board and batten wall: $70.

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